Traidcraft’s new instant coffee

Traidcraft has changed its own instant coffee range in the last few months. The organic freeze dried and granules coffees which were grown and packed in South India are being phased out.

The new producer is a farmer’s co-operative called CIPAC who grow coffee high in the mountains of North West Guatemala. Traidcraft has told us that this is a very marginalised group of farmers and one of the poorest communities that the company has worked with.

And Traidcraft says that the coffee growers in South India are still going to supply Arabica beans to be blended with Robusta beans for the new granulated coffee blend – yet to make an appearance. It also considers that these South India farmers are able to find other markets for their crop so this is not leaving them in the lurch.


Traidcraft reminds us that this new supplier from Guatemala is in fact not that new. Traidcraft has been working with the farmers since 2007, helping them find new markets, gain Fairtrade certification for the crop and make arrangements for the coffee to be packed in Guatemala, thereby increasing the economic benefit of the whole process.

 The range is 100g jars and 450g plastic tubs in both caffeinated and de-caffeinated. Traidcraft says that high grown Arabica beans, from which the coffee is made, are known for their good quality. The decaffeination process is the Mountain Water Process, a method which, we are told, decaffeinates the coffee naturally and enhances the taste.

 Sample sachets available at Fairer World.

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