Shop update 18th December, 2020

The latest shop update and price lists have been published.

The Fairer World shop mobile (07877 947793) is out-of-action at the moment, so, if you need to contact us by phone, please text to Moira’s mobile 07455 219859. This phone cannot be relied upon to take incoming calls but texts are ok. When we are in the Fairer World shop, we answer the phone 01904 655116 when it rings. The Fairer World shop phone doesn’t have an answering machine, however, so it is not possible to leave a message.

We can be contacted by email.

Fairer World update 14.12.20

Food price list at 14.12.20

Cleaning and Household Products price list at 14.12.20

Short-dated foods price list at 14 December 2020

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