Fairer World July Update

Traidcraft’s new instant coffee

Traidcraft has changed its own instant coffee range in the last few months. The organic freeze dried and granules coffees which were grown and packed in South India are being phased out.

The new producer is a farmer’s co-operative called CIPAC who grow coffee high in the mountains of North West Guatemala. Traidcraft has told us that this is a very marginalised group of farmers and one of the poorest communities that the company has worked with. 

And Traidcraft says that the coffee growers in South India are still going to supply Arabica beans to be blended with Robusta beans for the new granulated coffee blend – yet to make an appearance. It also considers that these South India farmers are able to find other markets for their crop so this is not leaving them in the lurch. 

Traidcraft reminds us that this new supplier from Guatemala is in fact not that new. Traidcraft has been working with the farmers since 2007, helping them find new markets, gain Fairtrade certification for the crop and make arrangements for the coffee to be packed in Guatemala, thereby increasing the economic benefit of the whole process. 

The range is 100g jars and 450g plastic tubs in both caffeinated and de-caffeinated. Traidcraft says that high grown Arabica beans, from which the coffee is made, are known for their good quality. The decaffeination process is the Mountain Water Process, a method which, we are told, decaffeinates the coffee naturally and enhances the taste.

Sample sachets available at Fairer World.

How is the shop doing?

Sales in June 2013 were £9,500, a big drop on June 2012 whose sales figure was £11,000. A few hundred pounds worth of sales made during June from ongoing church stalls will be shown in the July sales figures so that lessens the blow a little, but nevertheless this is a big reverse for us.

 We have mentioned the adverse impact of the weather during the earlier months of this year, with good reason. June 2013, however, had quite a few decent days, as well as ones like those of March or October. So it is not just the weather we can point to as the reason for our disappointing results. Gillygate generally seemed a lot quieter. In June the street was like it is during August, when most York people seem to stay out of the way themselves or go visiting elsewhere.

 New products

Cafedirect: ground coffee from Costa Rica – the first new coffee from Cafedirect for many years.

Zaytoun:Gaza Cookbook and a restock of the whole range of Palestinian foods, including caramelised almonds, which had sold out briefly at Fairer World.

Hampstead: Iced teas. 3 varieties: lemon green; raspberry and elderflower. From India. Organic and Fairtrade. www.hampsteadtea.com 

Just Trading Scotland: Just arrived: more Eswatini jams, marmalades, chutneys and sauces from Swaziland, whose proceeds provide for the education and welfare of street children as well as Swaziland farmers. Plus a restock of Buchanan’s Fairtrade sweets.

Zuri Design: new soapstone bowls, boxes, tealight holders and animals from Kenya.

Fair to Trade: Palestinian olive wood crosses, including holding crosses and pendant crosses.

Made by skilled workers in the Bethlehem area whose traditional market – pilgrims – has practically dried up, especially since they are virtually denied access to Jerusalem.

Looking towards the Autumn

Making plans for Autumn / run-up to Christmas when we are in the middle of Summer feels an odd thing to do, and, if sales had been going better this year, we would have held back a bit. But it is the case that the closure of the Fairer World shop for more than 7 weeks over January, February and March cost us a lot of money due to lost sales while still paying rent and storage charges.

 In addition, sales since March have been a disappointment overall, unfortunately, so we recognise that realistically the best chance of recouping some of the losses will come in the Autumn months. Sales in summer are generally lower anyway, with fewer outside events – though we are always open to approaches.


In previous years supporters of Fairer World have loaned us money so that we can buy stock for the busy selling season in the run-up to Christmas. This would be particularly useful this year as all our money is being used paying our day to day bills. The loans usually range from amounts of £100 or £200 up to £1,000, for repayment in January, unless the lender needs the money sooner, and then it is repaid at once. Ideally, loans would be most helpful in July / August, so that, if possible, we can order crafts even earlier than in previous years, have them unpacked, priced up and prepared for sale.

 Please get in touch with Moira from Fairer World, via the shop if you would like to help in this way.  Moira is the one who buys most of the stock and is going to trade shows this month with a view to making up her Christmas list. She then works out what quantities of crafts to order.

 Stalls and events

We are looking for invitations to supply stock for events at home, at church, in the village hall, at school, at work, etc, over the coming months. We have lots experience with what works well, but please discuss things with us in advance so we can make sure there is not a date clash etc.

 The 2013 WFTO Rio Conference  

Rita from Sonya’s Smile fair trade shop in Haworth represented the British fair trade shops at the 12th World Fair Trade Organisation Biennial Conference in Rio de Janeiro, in May. www.wfto.com. She has accepted our invite to come to York and tell us about it but we are still looking for a date for this. Sonya’s Smile shop is at Haworth – good place for a visit? – so summertime is a lot more active for her than it is for us. We’ve so far been reluctant to ask her over at a busy time. We will fix it up soon. 

 Fairtrade Yorkshire report

Yorkshire became the world’s first Fairtrade Region at the beginning of this year: a region with a larger population then either of the Fairtrade countries – Wales and Scotland.

On the 29 June 2013 there was a gathering to share experiences of how the various Fairtrade towns, districts, boroughs, villages and cities promote Fairtrade and how they can work together to create a culture of Fairtrade in the county. More news to come in the future. www.fairtradeyorkshire.org.uk

 Coffee of the month: Café Rebelde Zapatista

Coffee of the month at Fairer World for July is this organic and fair trade coffee from South Mexico, both ground coffee and coffee beans. The strength is between medium and dark roast, between 3 and 4. Buying this coffee is a way of directly supporting small scale farmers in a region starved of resources by the Mexican government. More details at the shop.

 One World Week 20-27 October 2013

One World Week – an annual week of action and ideas on global issues. From the flyer: the theme this year is “More than Enough”. We are asked to support or organise events that enable us to consider whether we have had more than enough of consumer culture … , of being defined by what we possess, of seeing our planet irrevocably consumed, take more than enough ourselves. www.oneworldweek.org 

If you plan an event, please let us know.


everyone is welcome at everything 

Thursday 25 July 7.30pm (and 2nd & 4th Thurs) York Palestine Solidarity Campaign meets at the Priory Street Centre, Priory Street. 

Saturday 27 July 1.00 to 3.00pm (and most Sats) York Against the War stall in St Sampson’s Square. www.yorkagainstthewar.org.uk

Saturday 27 July 1.00 to 3.00pm (and most Sats) York Palestine Solidarity Campaign stall in Parliament Street. www.yorkpsc.org.uk

 Wednesday 31 July 10.00am to 12.00noon (and each Wed, including over the summer holidays) Coffee Stop at DunningtonMethodistChurch. Refreshments, fair trade stall and some children’s activities for primary age down.

Wednesday 7 August 7.30pm York Interfaith Group meets at the Unitarian Chapel, St Saviourgate. Planning the programme of talks, presentations, events, activities, visits etc for 2014. Please bring vegetarian food to share.

 Tuesday 13 August 12.00 to 6.00pm Traidcraft Autumn / Christmas catalogue preview roadshow at Haxby and Wigginton Methodist Church, The Village, Haxby. New crafts and Christmas items on display. Workshops and refreshments. www.traidcraft.co.uk

  Advance notice:

Thursday 26 September 7.00pmYork Fair Trade Forum AGM at the Denham Room, Priory Street Centre, Priory Street. Hot and cold drinks before and after the meeting. Speaker, report on fair trade in York, Divine choc and Rwanda crafts stall plus a very small amount of  AGM business.

Friday 27 September 12.00 to 5.00pm Fair trade double bill at St Helen’s Church, St Helen’s Square. A range of foods to mark York Food Festival and new crafts and Christmas cards. 

Saturday 28 September 10.00am to 5.00pm Fair trade double bill at St Helen’s Church, St Helen’s Square. A range of foods to mark York Food Festival and new crafts and Christmas cards. Arranged by Fairer World.


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