Fairer World February Update

Building work behind schedule

The Fairer World shop at 84 Gillygate, York, had to close temporarily on 21st January 2013 because of some essential building work to address subsidence at the front of the building. We did expect the work to have been completed by now but, unfortunately, it is about 10 days behind schedule. We estimate that it may be Monday 11th March before the Fairer World shop re-opens. Please look out for more information nearer the time.

We moved out all our stock and dismantled the shelving etc to enable the work do be done. So after the builders, the electricians and the painters have done their stuff, we have to move in and re-erect the shelving, bring back all our stock and set it out. A fair-sized job. At the end of it we look forward to a re-invigourated and refreshed shop interior – with staff to match!

Orders and stalls

The reason we went to the extra labour of moving out all our stock from Gillygate to our storage unit at Pickford’s Self Store in James Street was that we wanted to be able to continue to supply individual customers with their orders, and organisations like churches, schools and community groups with stalls. This we are doing very successfully from Pickford’s Self Store and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks until we resume life as a normal fair trade shop once more. So please keep on sending us your orders by email, if possible, to fairerwrld@aol.com or by phone to 07591 205845.

Fairtrade Fortnight (25 February to 10 March), and the week before and after it, is a high profile time for fair trade, a time when lots of groups and individuals think about doing their bit for justice in trade. So if you are thinking about doing something, at home or at work, at school or at church, or in the local community, please get in touch with us.

Help needed

We are quite busy just now, despite appearances!, and expect to be increasingly so in the coming weeks. Offers of help are welcome. This would be particularly so on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March, when we have a stall at the York Fair Trade Festival Market in Parliament Street / St Sampson’s Square between 9.00am and 5.00pm on both days, and other commitments at the same time. We would be looking for people to help on the market stall and maybe also to help in distributing stock for other events, to make the most out of the foods and crafts we have available.

Easter Eggs

Both the Real Easter Egg (a fair trade boxed milk chocolate Easter egg which has the Christian story of Easter on the box) and the range of Divine Easter chocolate are now in stock. Details are on the Fairer World website. Last year the Real Easter Egg sold out everywhere well before Easter and it looks like this will happen again, so, if you want one, or a supply for your church etc, please don’t delay too long.

Traidcraft Spring Catalogue

We have good supplies of the new Traidcraft Spring catalogue. No charge. Please get in touch if you would like some copies. We have new crafts and cards from the catalogue in stock, ready to fulfill customer orders and for stalls until we are back at 84 Gillygate.

New price list

A new Fairer World foods price list, dated 18.2.13, is now available on the website and can be emailed on request.

Charlie’s health

Charlie has had two lots of tests as an outpatient at York Hospital, but, seemingly, nothing untoward has been found. There may be more tests to come but at present he is waiting to hear from the consultant in charge of him.


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