Fairer World News August 2013

A round up of some Church Café’s open during the summer

Some churches have coffee mornings etc at least one day a week. In brief here are some which will be open over the summer holidays, a time when people sometimes visit other parts of the city. Please note that they are only open at times stated.

 Bishopthorpe Methodist Church Quench Café – open Thursdays 9.00am to 12.00noon. Fairtrade hot drinks with home baking. Fair trade stall monthly.

 Dunnington Methodist Church Coffee Stop – open Wednesdays 10.00am to 12.00noon. Fairtrade refreshments, fair trade stall, and, during the summer holidays, some children’s activities for primary age down.

 Poppleton Methodist Church Coffee on the Green – open Tuesdays 10.00am to 12.00noon and Fridays 2.00 to 4.30pm. Fairtrade hot drinks, home baking, fair trade stall on 4th Tuesday. Arranged by Poppleton churches.

St Chad’s Church, Campleshon Road, coffee morning – Wednesdays 10.00am to 12.00noon. Fairtrade hot drinks and home baking.

 St Clements Church, Scarcroft Road. Wednesdays 12.00noon to 5.00pm Internet café. No charge for use. Technical help available. Fairtrade hot drinks and biscuits.

 Southlands Methodist Church, Bishopthorpe Road, coffee morning – Saturdays 10.00am to 12.00noon. Fairtrade refreshments, fair trade stall.

As well as the café’s mentioned, there are 3 full time ones of note:

1. Aroma Coffee Shop, 30 The Village, Haxby, tel 750444. Open 9.00 to 5.00 Mon to Sat. Fairtrade drinks. Features locally sourced, home made food, where possible. Some fair trade crafts on sale. www.aromahaxby.co.uk 

2. Spurriergate Centre, Spurriergate, City Centre. tel 629393. Open daytime Mon to Sat. Some drinks are fair trade. Spurriergate promotes fair trade and incorporates a shop which sells it. www.thespurriergatecentre.com

3. Tea on the Green, Acomb Green, Acomb tel 789380. Run by people from the local church but not a church café itself. Open 8.30 to 3.30, Mon to Sat. Fair trade hot drinks and home made food. www.teaonthegreenyork.co.uk

How is the shop doing?

Sales in July 2013 were £10,600, another big drop compared to the same month in 2012. In July 2012, however, we had had a one-off large stall at a big church conference – one that moves round the country and was in our area last year. Leaving aside the £1,100 sales from that event, July 2013 was a £100 or so down on July 2012. And last month was a time of reasonable craft sales, in fact. These sustained the sales figures.

As we go on into August, traditionally the year’s quietest month, we can look for more craft sales. We know that Traidcraft, which also is not doing too well, has brought out its Autumn catalogue earlier than usual. The first of the new season crafts are on the shelves at the shop.

 New products

Traidcraft: as mentioned above, lots of new crafts, everyday cards, Christmas cards and calendars are now available – a lot earlier than usual. We have catalogues to take away.

No charge for these. Orders welcomed.

 Bishopston Trading Company: As we have mentioned with sadness in our last two newsletters, this premier fair trade company, that supplied us with clothing and crafts from South India, has now closed down. 

We have received an unexpected and final supply of some new crafts including necklaces made of buttons and of glass beads, some fabric brooches – dogs and doves – and size 16 stretch jeans.

 Bishopston has now closed its last shop; internet sales will continue for a short time as stocks last. A pop-up shop will open for a few weeks in Bristol to sell the final metres of organic Fairtrade cotton fabric.

We have some clothes for sale in the shop at the moment, and, though we will use at least some of the space they now occupy to display crafts in the Autumn, we still have a lot of stock and expect to have a big range available in January.

Some ways to help Fairer World

Over the years, people have asked us to say what they should do to be most helpful to us at Fairer World. The item in our July newsletter describing the negative impact of our shop being closed for 7 weeks in Jan, Feb & March this year and disappointing sales figures since then, have led people’s comments to return to this theme.

 So we are suggesting some ways to help:-

1. We say that first and foremost the best action to take re Fairer World is to buy the products on the shelves or give us orders. It is fair trade that we do, and trade is a key element. This means that we can keep the food products having good best before dates on them and bring in new crafts. Our producer partners benefit too. They receive just payment for their skills and labour and can decide themselves on how this payment is spent.  

 2. We welcome people raising the profile of Fairer World – perhaps passing someone an A5 flyer about the shop, a pricelist and / or  newsletter, maybe suggesting they have a look at the website www.fairerworldyork.co.uk  or think about calling in to see what’s on the shelves – 400 lines of fair trade food and many crafts from more than 20 accredited fair trade suppliers. Or, if it is in a work context, perhaps suggesting that people who run the kitchen have a look at the fair trade catering list we produce.

 3. Some fair trade supporters do events in their own homes, workplaces, community halls or churches. We can supply advice and some stock on sale or return. The Autumn is a particularly good time to look at this as people are often on the lookout for ways to spend their money well on purchases for Christmas. If you are thinking of an event, please get in touch with us before you make the final arrangements, though, so we can make sure we can supply what you need on the day in question.

 4. Loans to help us obtain extra stock to supply  lots of events. See below.

 A number of people do a combination of all four points above.


Thank you to everyone who has made loans to Fairer World to enable us to order extra stock early for the run-up to Christmas, providing stalls for events all over Yorkshire. Moira at Fairer World says just a few more loans would be helpful.

 New price list next month

We will have a new price list in September, to take account of price changes since Feb 2013, when the present list was issued. Available at the shop, by email on request and on the website.

 Food products discontinued by Traidcraft

Traidcraft has dropped the following products from its Autumn catalogue :- Fairbreak digestives, Apple & Mango, Pear & Peach and Apricot & Raisin snacks, cola bottles and chocolate coated geobars. Traidcraft coffee granules and Traidcraft organic freeze dried instant coffees are also no longer available. 

This means that when our stocks of these are exhausted – in a few months’ time, typically – they will have finished, as Traidcraft is our only source. So, if they are a favourite, it might make sense to stock up now. In many cases, however, Fairer World already stocks an alternative.


everyone is welcome at everything

Saturday 10 August 1.00 to 3.00pm (and most Sats) York Against the War stall in St Sampson’s Square. www.yorkagainstthewar.org.uk

Saturday 10 August 1.00 to 3.00pm (and most Sats) York Palestine Solidarity Campaign stall in Parliament Street. www.yorkpsc.org.uk 

Tuesday 13 August 12.00 to 6.00pm Traidcraft Autumn / Christmas catalogue preview roadshow at Haxby and Wigginton Methodist Church, The Village, Haxby. New crafts and Christmas items on display. Workshops and refreshments. www.traidcraft.co.uk

Saturday 17 August from 11.00am  Mother Earth Day at Millers Yard, off Gillygate. Talks, food, yoga, live music. Admission free. Arranged by Pachamama Catering. www.millersyard.co.uk

 Thursday 22 August 7.30pm (and 2nd & 4th Thurs) York Palestine Solidarity Campaign meets at the Priory Street Centre, Priory Street.

 Monday 26 August Bank Holiday. Fairer World shop CLOSED. 

Wednesday 4 September 7.30pm York Interfaith visit to York Minster, where The Dean of York, Very Rev Vivienne Faull speaks on The Relevance of the Minster to the city. This meeting to be held at St Williams College, College Street.

NB There is no disabled access at this venue.

 Monday 9 September 7.30pm York Justice & Peace Group meets at St Bede’s Centre, 21 Blossom Street. Can nuclear weapons ever be acceptable? An introduction to the issues. 

Thursday 26 September 7.00pmYork Fair Trade Forum AGM at the Denham Room, Priory Street Centre, Priory Street. Hot and cold drinks before and after the meeting. Speaker, report on fair trade in York, Divine choc and Rwanda crafts stall plus a small amount of  AGM business. 

Friday 27 September 12.00 to 5.00pm Fair trade double bill at St Helen’s Church, St Helen’s Square. A range of foods to mark York Food Festival and new crafts and Christmas cards. 

Saturday 28 September 10.00am to 5.00pm Fair trade double bill at St Helen’s Church, St Helen’s Square. A range of foods to mark York Food Festival and new crafts and Christmas cards. Arranged by Fairer World. 

Saturday 5 October 10.00am to 3.30pm Amnesty International UK Conference at Priory Street Centre, Priory Street. Europe – a chocolate soldier? – A peaceful or warlike continent? Arranged by Amnesty’s Europe country co-ordinator team. Free but book on martha uk@tesco.net  More info at Fairer World.


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